Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley is sponsoring the symposium “SITUATED: Time-Based Art and Neighborhood Ecologies” on October 10, 2011.  ARC Director Shannon Jackson discusses the event and the research projects it grows out of on the SOTA (State of the Art) blog:

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  1. I'm still experiencing the afterglow of last week's Situated gathering. I wish I could say something deeper or more scholarly but the most valuable thing I took with me from Situated was the exchange and the fellowship. To be in teh company and conversation with other artheads & culture nerds is such sweet joy. I love nothing more than being around artists and thinkers who are ON! And the attendees including Sean San Jose, Michael John Garces, & all the great new folks I met that day helps keep the inspiration up for our work as arts conveners & cultural activators. Thank you Shannon & all the ARCists for carving out space, making time, & facilitating exCHANGE. JBT