Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CHARRETTE: Lisa Wymore

As part of our charge to facilitate art research in the laboratory culture of the university, ARC is holding a series of what we are calling "charrettes," opportunities for faculty artists and scholars to share work-in-progress with a trusted group of audience members.  Our first charrette featured the work of UCB choreographer Lisa Wymore and her partner, Sheldon Smith, as they assembled a first iteration of "Apparatus," a piece that will premiere at ODC in the spring of 2011. Juxtaposing Antonioni's classic film "L'Avventura" with live re-enactments of selected scenarios that were projected in real time next to the original film; the piece strategically confused the relationship between the live and the mediated, the spontaneous and the scripted, the original and the copy.

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