Friday, October 5, 2012


On October 12, the Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley and the Curatorial Practice at the California College of the Arts are partnering to host a live-streaming of the Creative Time Summit, an annual conference in New York that brings together cultural producers--including artists, critics, writers, and curators--to discuss how their work engages pressing issues affecting our world. To jump-start the conversation in advance of the event, attendees have been asked to submit a paragraph on a keyword associated with one of the summit themes: Inequities, Occupations, Making, or Tactics. This posting is by Qiqi Zhen, American Cyberculture student at UC Berkeley.

Keyword: Inequities, Realization

I chose the word "realization." I see that as the first step to change. For example, if people begin seeing the inequities that are present in our community, then change can happen. This is why there are so many awareness projects, because bringing people into awareness means making people realize what is happening, what needs change. Interestingly, people that form tactics or use subversion usually depend on the lack of awareness to their advantage. Because the people they target are not aware of what is happening, the other party has the upper hand.  

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